Lächelndes Kind steht vor Tafel mit Muskeln aus KreideAdvocacy that empowers parents and produces a good outcome for the child. That’s my vision. That’s what I work towards.-Seetha Burtner, Special Ed Advocate

How my Advocacy Works

I believe every child deserves to feel understood and feel safe in school. Otherwise, learning can’t take place. My advocacy begins with understanding your child, and ends with getting your child’s educational needs met by the school. I learn about the situation your child is in right now, your experience with the school, your concerns, and what you would like to see changed. Your child’s school records contain a wealth of information, so I usually review those to fill out the picture about your child’s learning profile and school history leading up to the present. Then we discuss options and make a plan about how to move forward. Throughout the process, my role is as active as you want it to be. And when I leave the picture, I strive to ensure you’re better informed, empowered, and equipped to continue advocating for your child, with your and the school’s relationship in better shape than I found it. SEE SERVICES